DOT! Line
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Sunline DOT! Line

DOT! Line

"Who said analog tools have to be boring?

We at Sunline, since 1989, believe in innovation, progress and with this new "Dot" line we want to refresh the analog and purely functional instrument by giving it an added value: personality.

Yes, because both the pressure gauge and the depth gauge must reflect your personality and therefore cannot be the same for everyone. To each his own! We, who have been with you for more than thirty years, want to make your dives even more colorful and give you new sensations.

This is why the dot line was born, entirely dedicated to lovers and enthusiasts of the sea in all its shades. An ideal line to entice and facilitate the path of new generations to the underwater world and beyond! A line made of colors, emotions, elegance and joy. A perfect mix to make your dive unique!

Finally you may be wondering why "Dot", with "dot" usually means a point, but we want and believe that it should be seen as a "starting point" for a new vision of our instruments.

What are you waiting for? Run to your trusted dealer to order our new "Dot" products!"


Roberto Busto, Founder & CEO Sunline

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The aim of Sunline has always been to design and manufacture well-finished products with the greatest attention to detail. Their reliability will allow you to enjoy your scuba diving experiences to the fullest.